Brenda Rosete (b.1987), is Mexican visual artist based in Scotland. She graduated with MA in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014.  Her work is mostly focused in themes of identity and interpreting the place where we find ourselves in. A search for depicting the relationship humans share with the environments can (also) be identified in most of her projects. 

Photography is the way she uses to represent how people are touched by the changing world in which we live and to draw a line from which to analyse the evolution of society. In addition her works aim to create a bond between the community and the place, through a visual story telling as a means of engaging and understanding this process.

More of her visual communication design work here 


2014: MDes in Photography, Glasgow School of Art.
2012: BS in Communication Studies, Mexico.


Hold Me Dear


Dangerous Women Project

FEATURED ARTIST @ Ello [ The Creators Network ]


Group Exhibition Mind and Memory Art Show - Aberdeen, Scotland, 2017

Group Exhibition at Space Week - Mexico City, Mexico, 2015

Individual Exhibition - Sal Marina at Sociedad Astronómica de México, Mexico City, 2015

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