This project was developed from 2014 - 2015, it employs salt prints to explore a sense of place through the narrative of the first female sea captain Betsy Miller (1792 -1864) born in Saltcoats, Scotland. I based this project in this little town concerned about the lost of identity on small towns vanished from big cities; cultural identity is connected to the concept of the global, which foremost describes generalisation and de-contextualisation of symbols, but also the detachment of social actions from specific locations and specific periods of time. With "Maiden of the sea" I situated myself in a location recalling particular events that makes it different from other places. I tried to uncover with a visual narrative it's heritage therefore its essence which makes Saltcoats unique. I also intended to challenge the history of the roles of women by highlighting one particular story from the Victorian era in a contemporary context.

Additionally I aimed to explore and reinterpret femininity in different times of history. Through a series of self-portraits I developed a narrative that shows a character inspired by the story of Elizabeth Miller. Despite on the limited insights about her life, I attempted to create a story of my own combining existing facts with imaginary elements, depicting strength and courage yet delicacy and fragility, trying to maintain a balance between the female figure and the surrounding place.

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